Suede & Nubuck 2 Ways Leather Large Brush Cleaner with Longer Wires


$ 8.00 $ 12.99

With 4 different unique sides, made our shoe cleaning brush multi-function, practical and durable! Use the rubber section to gently scrub away imbedded dirt and stains (Be careful to rush in one direction only) Then use the copper wire brush to restore the nap of the material (You can brush in both direction a little more vigorously now) Restore and clean your favorite suede / nubuck leather goods! Gives them a more beautiful velvet look in minutes, without harming the leather.

  • Effortlessly removes spots and stains from your favorite suede / nubuck boots, shoes, jackets, and even furnitures! Works perfectly with any sprays, foams, erasers and cleaning kits
  • Gently carding the villus towards the same position with intensive caring copper wire from the welt surface side
  • For lighter gentler cleaning on thin fine suede/nubuck. Clean and brush off the dust and dirt with soft rubber bristles side
  • For rounded corners and narrow edges, simply use the arched half circle rubber to clean. Thin protruding brush is built for cleaning on hard to reach crevices and grooves
  • Travel Friendly Size (L x W x H): Approx. 6.3 x 1.6 x 1.2 inch. Safe Material: plastic, copper wire,rubber
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