Magic Absorbent Handcrafted Ultra Thin Lambskin Leather Insoles


$ 15.95 $ 34.99

  • Stay comfortable all day on your feet (and of course taking off your shoes in front of your loved ones) with our newest Magic Absorbent technology!
  • Seamless one piece handcrafted high quality lambskin leather for comfort and moisture absorption.
  • Breathable carbon bottom helps control and prevent foot odor. Slightly perforated and padded to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Ultra thin design so it will work well with your current inserts (measure less then 0.2 inches)! Slightly padded provides cushioning comfort while not taking up too much shoe space!
  • Precisely positioned and shaped to your foot and will not shrink! Light weight!

Feel comfortable all day with our newest Magic Absorbent technology! How harsh is the ground? It's so hard and potentially harmful, horses have metal nailed right to their hooves for protection. If even horses can't go without proper ground protection, you definitely need to add these Handcrafted One Piece Leather Full-Length Insoles to your wardrobe. Put one of these brown, full-length orthotics inside your shoes to enjoy complete cushioning and support for every part of your foot. These elegant looking insoles are made with genuine leather. Natural distressed leather contours to your steps to soften your stride and cushion impact areas. Because these cushioned insoles contour to your foot, it gives you comfort no matter how you walk or stand. The soft cushioning is built on top of a semi-rigid support shell when you wear these leather insoles. The simple design means you can place these leather Full-Length Insoles in just about any shoe or boot without trimming or manipulating the shape. The ground is hard and potentially harmful. Protect yourself from it with the right cushioning.

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